JA RULE RESPOND TO MEEK MILL OVER THE LINE – This that Ja Rule shIt and 50 Cent – ON Drake Diss Track | Wanna Know

Meek Mill | Drake Diss Track “Wanna Know” (AUDIO)

Words by Poseidon.

Damn, just a week ago Meek thought he was on fire and really feeling
himself hard, on some top of the world sh*t. Number one album…..
Co-headlining a a world tour….. He was charged up and ready to go at
the neck of anyone who wasn’t feeling him. Shoot, so much so that he
figured he’ll aim even higher and try to dethrone the top rapper in the
game. I mean, while he’s on a roll and everything, why the f*ck not,
right? Lol. He thought he was about to scoop up all of Drake’s fans
and elevate his former lowly position to the very heights of the rap
game, all in one clever death blow. It sounded like something that
should work without a hitch.

He had his hitman and co-conspirator
Funk Flex in position, ready to fire the coup de grace. He had the fans
on his side, fresh from a #1 album. The coke in his nose was fueling
the fire in his veins and the superstar p*ssy was making him feel like
he was THAT NIQQA…

Sooo…. what does Meek Mill do?? Well, he
took to his twitter page, as usual, to go in for the kill. To begin the
execution of the brilliant master plan. It looked like the plan was
going off without a hitch. The fans got heated. The lines started
blowing up. He got the hate snowballing and the momentum building in
his favor, and just when he was about to take the crown and assume his
new position……


Dude unwittingly built a bomb so
powerful that it blew up in his face. He used TNT that you just don’t
use in this rap game unless you are absolutely certified and verbally
qualified to handle it properly. And we all found out too soon that he
was just a rookie.

The blast was so powerful, it literally took a
few days for the smoke to even settle. People were desperately
searching for Meek’s body in the rubble of his formerly active Twitter
account, calling out his name to empty responses. Fans began to move on
en masse, giving up hope of ever hearing from him again. Investigators
began piecing together the events leading up to his demise, after the
fact, and it started to become painfully apparent what actually
conspired once they were able to put the pieces together: he was the
architect of his own undoing. Lmao.

But it was too late…..

days ago, Meek Mill was the billboard champ. 7 days…. 7 days and
now his career is looking like it might be on life support. How do you
go from #1 album to laughing stock of the industry in 7 days? I mean,
he started off with what should’ve been a good point too. But he
painfully underestimated his opponent. He got caught up in the hype of
the popular hating. He heard the usual comments. He figured he was
facing a “pop tart”; a softy; a mushy r&b singer who was all hype
and no self-penned bars.

Well he thought wrong.

He was led astray. Was it the public’s fault? Maybe? But maybe the coke? Maybe the p*ssy? The quest for power? Who knows??

But here we are….

something unprecedented in the history of music. I mean, seriously,
this is a historical first. Nobody goes from chart topping success to
low level mockery in this small amount of time. Nobody. Except Milli
Vanilli……. and now Meek Mill.

I think this should serve as a
future lesson for any persons wanting to advance themselves at the cost
of others. Meek’s fans have all begun to do an about face on him. He’s
facing a Milli Vanilli backlash (ironic, since he’s framing Drake as a
Milli Vanilli type) over his inability to battle in a fight he started.
As a man, that sh*t is just pathetic.

We have to assume he’s now
going to make another diss track since the public has already deemed his
current one totally ineffective and refuses to embrace it. But is this
the logical way to go from here? Have we learned anything from the
past yet? I suspect it’s just gonna be more nails in the coffin for
this dumb boy. He’s blind, and obviously being out-witted and acting on
some really moist emotion. But then, if he stays quiet and leaves it
as is, he knows he takes the L. Being that he’s the literally loudest
rapper in the game (and on a message board) and seeks out our attention
and admiration, you know there’s only one thing he can do now:

Add fuel to his own fire and setup himself up for even more failure.